Simplifying Complex Workflows in the Energy Sector

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Getica 95 COM,
Large enterprise,
Energy, Oil & Gas


Digital Transformation,
Business Analysis, UI/UX,
Custom Software Development


Founded in 1995, GETICA 95 COM has rapidly ascended to become one of Romania's top energy suppliers. The company made significant strides in the energy sector, beginning operations in the electricity market in 2010 and expanding into the natural gas market in 2012, capitalizing on the opportunities emerging from market liberalization.


Facing the dynamic and complex demands of Romania's energy sector, GETICA 95 COM engaged our services for their digital transformation journey. To identify their specific challenges, we conducted a thorough analysis of their operational workflows.

This deep dive revealed several critical pain points. Not only were they grappling with the always-changing requirements of the industry, but a significant issue also emerged: the urgent need to automate their time-consuming tasks, particularly in the invoicing process. These manually intensive activities were not only inefficient but were also limiting their ability to grow and scale, highlighting the necessity for an efficient, automated solution to transform their operations.


Energetica ERP was born as a direct response to the bottlenecks and problems identified in our comprehensive analysis of the customer's operational workflows.

Our approach was to build the solution from the ground up, ensuring each module directly targeted the key pain points:

  • Contract Management

    By integrating a sophisticated contract management module, we transformed the complex task of handling contracts into a streamlined and efficient process. This module automates and organizes all contract-related activities, significantly reducing manual workload and enhancing compliance and accuracy.

  • Intelligent Invoicing

    By introducing advanced automation in invoicing, we transformed a previously laborious task into a smooth, error-free process, significantly reducing manual intervention and increasing accuracy.

  • Partner Management

    This module centralizes and streamlines interactions with all partners, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across the entire energy supply chain.

  • Intelligent Metering

    By implementing the Intelligent Metering Module, we've ensured efficient management of critical data including meter readings, consumption forecasts, and imbalances. This module rigorously validates data across various parameters, such as index continuity and consumption patterns, to guarantee accuracy and integrity.

  • Reporting

    This module provides a transparent and clear view of the business, essential for strategic decision-making and compliance management.

  • Cashflow

    The cashflow management module provides a detailed view of financial health. It tracks and analyzes cash flow in real-time, helping the company make informed financial decisions, maintain liquidity, and plan for future investments effectively.

  • Customer Portal

    The customer portal module is reimagined to be more engaging and informative. It offers customers easy access to their accounts, billing information, and support, enhancing the overall customer experience and fostering stronger customer relationships.